© 2017 by Adele Grobler Dellit.

To give you some insight, this residency started off for me going through the house, and looking for artefacts or anything that I could relate to, be inspired by or use in my practice.

I flicked through a few books, looked in the fridge, inspected the garden and looked through some books again. A paragraph from a short story by Matt Thorne, "The Honeymoon Disease", caught my attention, as it mentioned Christ and something along the lines of Jesus is risen. I flicked to the next page and skimmed over a paragraph but it wasn't the same. I realised to understand the context of what that one paragraph meant and how it ties in together, I would have to read the entire story. So I did. It gave context to what I had first read.

This exercise along with this one scripture: "On a snowy day, he chased a lion down into a pit and killed it.", was the catalyst for this body of work. I had read that scripture from 2 Samuel 23:20 in January of this year. I had no idea that was even in the Bible - I think because of the snow mentioned and how theatrical it sounds. This made me realise how little I knew of the Bible. I set out to read the Bible as a book, and getting an education for myself. Soon I was aware of how often people (myself included) took scripture out of context, and therefor completely changing its intended meaning.


During this residency, I focused on 10 scriptures that mentioned the word 'lion'. I created 10 collages that either had nothing to with the scripture I paired it with, or had some element of the scripture - but therefor completely changing its context.


My questions, and what I hope this body of work will achieve is to challenge each person to be immersed in these scriptures ask themselves:

1 Do I actually know what is in the Bible?

2: Have I taken scripture and moulded it to my scenario therefor changing its context completely?

3: Do I interpret it exegetically – looking at the context of how, when and to whom it was written.

*To listen to an interview about this work click here.